Matthew Chavez


Trained in traditional illustration and with 19 years of professional experience, my focus has been on artwork for software applications and the digital world. My work includes pixel level artwork for icons and panel mock-ups, to full illustrations for branding products with original artwork. Responsible for the visual identities of both, large and small clients, I’ve worked with managers, designers, engineers, through the boil-down process to build strong products.


Estimates and timeframes vary depending on factors such as timeframe, Rights to the artwork, workload required.


I have no problem signing Nondisclosure Agreements and accept them as a form of protection for the buyer when doing business. Regardless of whether an NDA is in place or not, all information, material or concepts passed between the client and myself will remain confidential.

Services & Skills

I offer a wide range of original artwork for web, desktop, and handheld applications to match size and color criteria.

– Panel mock-ups & design
– Original artwork for branding
– Custom panel icons
– Desktop Icons
– Retouching of artwork and logo design
– Pixel x pixel
– Illustrator and Photoshop vector

Taking screenshots on various systems

A Guide for Publishers Learning How to Commission Illustration by Randy Gallegos